Over 20 years of Excellence in Instructional Design and Development

Providing top-tier  learning and development solutions for industry leaders like Toyota Canada Inc. and McMaster University for a wide range of topics including coding, ISO training, new product information, new service procedures, programming, and application software.

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Tailored Learning Solutions

Customized programs designed to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Proven Track Record

Decades of experience delivering impactful educational experiences.

Our Services

Live Facilitation

Unlock the full potential of your team with our tailor-made interactive live training sessions! With over a two decades of hands-on experience, our expert facilitators deliver customized training in coding, web design applications, web entrepreneurship, office applications, and content management systems.

Our prestigious client list, including the City of Burlington and McMaster University, attests to the high quality and impactful nature of our training programs. We bring real-world expertise and industry insights directly to your team, ensuring they gain practical skills and confidence.

Elevate your team’s capabilities today with our engaging, personalized training sessions that inspire innovation and drive success!

eLearning Development

At CompuStep, we specialize in creating comprehensive, long-term eLearning solutions that drive growth and innovation. With a wealth of experience collaborating with industry leaders like Toyota Canada Inc., we design and develop eLearning programs that are tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Our eLearning modules cover a wide range of topics, including advanced technical training, leadership development, and industry-specific skills. We focus on delivering engaging, interactive content that keeps your team motivated and enhances their learning experience.

Partner with us to build a sustainable, scalable eLearning environment that empowers your workforce, fosters continuous improvement, and aligns with your strategic goals. Let us help you shape the future of learning within your organization!

Curriculum Design

At CompuStep, we excel in crafting top-tier curriculum designs that cater to diverse educational needs. Whether you’re looking to develop intensive 1 to 2-day workshops or comprehensive full-term university credit courses, our team of experts is here to deliver.

With a rich history of designing curricula that blend theoretical foundations with practical application, we ensure every course is engaging, effective, and aligned with your learning objectives. Our custom-tailored programs empower learners with the knowledge and skills they need to align with your organizational goals.

Join the ranks of satisfied clients who trust us to elevate their educational offerings. Partner with us to create impactful, innovative curricula that inspire and educate, paving the way for academic excellence and professional growth.

Learning and Development Consulting

Unlock the full potential of your team with our premier Learning and Development Consulting services. At CompuStep, we specialize in crafting bespoke L&D strategies that align with your organizational goals and drive sustainable growth.

Our seasoned consultants bring a wealth of experience across various industries, providing insights and solutions that enhance employee performance and foster a culture of continuous improvement. From comprehensive needs assessments to the design and implementation of tailored training programs, we ensure your workforce is equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to excel.

Empower your organization with our innovative Learning and Development Consulting services, and watch as your team transforms into a high-performing, agile workforce ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Partner with us to create a brighter future for your organization today!

Andrea Grebenc

Andrea Grebenc

Instructional Designer

Hons. BSc – Psychology/Biology
Adult Education Certificate (Aug 2024)

Instructional Designer, Instructional Developer, Facilitator


Other Services

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Training Classes

Small Class Sizes

With over 20 years of software training experience, CompuStep can help you learn new skills to help you and your organization succeed. Training is available for Microsoft Office  and Google Applications as well as WordPress.


Online Classes


Corporate Onsite Classes


    Use CompuStep as a Your Personal Assistant

    CompuStep has the time and expertise to make you look great!

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    CompuStep can:

    • create spreadsheets, dashboards, charts to support your work
    • create or format your work into a report
    • create presentations with charts, intgrated data, images (with narration, if necesary)
    • create templates for your applications to help with consisency

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    One-on-one training

    Want to improve your skills but don’t have time for (or enjoy) group classes?

    CompuStep can provide one-on-one virtual training. We can dig into your specific learning needs or provide a learning path to improve your software skills.


    Pick a Time That Works For You

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    Since 1999, CompuStep has been a solutions provider for large and small orgianizations. Staff are good at quickly assessing your needs and can help you find a solution or can take up your project to meet your timelines and goals.

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