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Contact CompuStep for ASAP service to help you solve your application software question.

Common requests:

  • Requests to create reports, charts, presentations and dashboards for clients based on their materials and data
  • MS Excel or Google Sheets: functions/fomula help, Power Pivot, conditional formatting, charting
  • MS Word: sections, table of contents, large document formatting, report writing
  • PowerPoint: adding graphics, pulling data from Excel into presentations, adding Smart Art
  • Integration across MS or Google applications
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Application Software Help

Web conferencing details provided upon confirmation.

$25* per 15 minutes for SYNCHRONOUS support
(virtual meeting).

$15* per 15 minutes of ASYCHRONOUS support
(send the details/files and we’ll work on the solution offline)

(Minimum – 15 minutes)

CompuStep can accept PayPal and Interact bank transfer payments.

*Canadian clients add 13% for HST.


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Training Classes

Small Class Sizes

With over 20 years of software training experience, CompuStep can help you learn new skills to help you and your organization succeed. Training is available for Microsoft Office  and Google Applications as well as WordPress.


Online Classes


Corporate Onsite Classes


    Use CompuStep as a Your Personal Assistant

    CompuStep has the time and expertise to make you look great!

    Book a quick consultation to understand your needs

    CompuStep can:

    • create spreadsheets, dashboards, charts to support your work
    • create or format your work into a report
    • create presentations with charts, intgrated data, images (with narration, if necesary)
    • create templates for your applications to help with consisency

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    One-on-one training

    Want to improve your skills but don’t have time for (or enjoy) group classes?

    CompuStep can provide one-on-one virtual training. We can dig into your specific learning needs or provide a learning path to improve your software skills.


    Pick a Time That Works For You

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    Since 1999, CompuStep has been a solutions provider for large and small orgianizations. Staff are good at quickly assessing your needs and can help you find a solution or can take up your project to meet your timelines and goals.

    Is there an online class available to suit your needs?

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