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Professional Efficient Meetings

CompuStep Inc. can provide you with the expertise you need to help your meetings flow effectively by handling any technical issues


Worry Less

Do you need help managing your online meetings?

Are your meetings slowed down by any of the following technical issues:

  • Attendee microphones left on
  • Screen sharing/presentation management issues
  • Trouble organizing and implementing breakout rooms for small discussion opportunities
  • Chat/Q & A/Speakers list moderation
  • Problems using feedback polls, etc.

Relieve your stress by allowing you to concentrate on the meeting content and message while we handle the technical side.

Let’s talk about what CompuStep can do to make your meetings go smoothly


Meeting Attendee Benefits

Attendee time is valued, therefore the attendee is valued.

Attendee confusion minimized

Attendees are more engaged in the meeting

Attendees are not embarrassed to seek help if they are having issues


Your Benefits

Appear more professional. Having an assistant sends a message that you care about the running of the meeting and your attendees.

Can concentrate on the material instead of juggling sharing your presentation along with chatbox, Q & A, speakers list and more.

Off-load worry. Technical issues will be taken care of.

Ability to have meeting basic meeting minutes produced and note personal action items for follow-up

We can do these things while you give provide content to your attendees:

Organize the Meeting (if required)

  • Meeting links can be set up and sent to you, or sent to attendees on your behalf

Welcome attendees

  • Greet attendees, check microphones and cameras(if necessary) and provide basic meeting agenda(if available) and any technical help and contacts to get help during the meeting.

Introduce Speakers

  • Staff are experienced public speakers and are comfortable giving biographies or topic introductions provided by the client

Share screen/ run a presentation

  • The assistant can run slideshows or share the screen for collaborative work. Assistants have expertise in many Microsoft and Google applications that may be used.

Manage chat / Q & A / Speakers list

  • When a lot of information comes at you simultaneously, you can get overwhelmed, lose confidence and get thrown off your message/plan. Assistants can monitor chatboxes, analyze and combine questions from attendees and organize a speakers list to keep you on track and professional

Manage Breakout Rooms

  • Breakout rooms are a wonderful way to engage attendees, to brainstorm ideas, and to tackle multiple tasks. Assistants can set up and manage breakout rooms for you.

Exclude unwanted guests

  • If meetings are public and get unruly or participants become disruptive, the assistant can locate and eject perpetrators

Provide basic meeting minutes and action items

  • The assistant can provide basic meeting minutes (Attendee attendance, Agenda, Action items) as well as presenter action items for you that were noted during the meeting.
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Since 1999, CompuStep has been working with various clients to achieve their digital goals; whether that be to improve their skills to function more efficiently and effectively in their role or to help promote their organization, small business or personal brand through the development of a website. With the growth of virtual meetings since 2020, CompuStep has offered the role of virtual meeting assistant.

Let’s plan your next meeting to be worry-free

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