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Videos – courses, processes, quick tips

Videos are short, medium, or long-term solutions for training. Some opportunities:

  • Onboarding videos for new hires or consultants
  • Training videos for your custom software
  • Introduce a new process within your organization or tips to accomplish a task
  • Instructional video for your product or service
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CompuStep can produce single or multi-video training to suit your organization’s needs. 

Google Forms integrated with Google Sheets

(multi-part series)

Excel Formulas and Functions

(multi-part series)

Excel tip: Adjusting text to date cell types for improved filtering

(single video)

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Since 1999, CompuStep has been working with various clients to achieve their digital goals; whether that be to improve their skills to function more efficiently and effectively in their role or to help promote their organization, small business or personal brand through the development of a website. With the growth of virtual meetings since 2020, CompuStep has offered the role of virtual meeting assistant.