Learn about Excel and potentially get better Wordle scores.

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About the Class

What will you learn in this course?

  • In this quick course, students build a tool in Microsoft Excel for helping to make more strategic choices in the wildly popular Wordle online word game.
  • While creating this tool, students learn about functions and function syntax, relative and absolute cell references, autofill, worksheet navigation and selection techniques, formatting tables, and applying filters to mine a dataset.

Who should take this course?

Anyone who is hooked on Wordle and looking for a way to improve their strategy and also looking to improve their Excel skills should take this course.

Class Contents

  • Starting Out In Excel
  • Functions
  • Autofill and Cell References in Formulas and Functions
  • Worksheet Navigation and Vertical Autofill
  • Selecting Data, Formatting Tables and Applying Filters
  • Get your Wordle On   
  •  What You Have Learned

What’s Included

 Language: English
 Level: Beginner
 Skills: Online Gaming, Excel Worksheet Navigation, Excel Effectiveness, Excel Filters, Excel Autofill, Excel Functions, Excel Cell Referencing
 Age groups: All ages
 Duration: 30 minutes
 8 Videos & 8 Documents

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