CompuStep Inc. is proud to be able to offer online training in the form of Live and Recorded courses through LearnDesk.

Live Online Training

For live classes, please contact to book.

Recorded Courses

We are growing a catalogue of recorded courses for various applications, but to get a taste of what we have to offer, why not try the following course that may help you with your daily Worlde game while you learn and apply Excel skills:

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40 Minute Skills Boost: Google Forms and Sheets: Gather Data, Then Analyze it Using Filters, Pivot Tables and Charts

What will you learn in this course?

  • How to create, configure and accept data into a Google Form
  • Investigating individual and summary responses through Google Forms
  • Integration of collected data into Google Sheets spreadsheets
  • Manipulation and analysis of dataset (sorting, filtering, slicing, and Pivot Tables)
  • Charting data to provide various visual summaries of the data.

Up your Wordle Game Using Microsoft Excel: An Introduction to Functions, Filters, and Other Valuable Features

What will you learn in this course?

  • Tips and Tricks for Excel dataset navigation and selection
  • Use Excel functions and explore function syntax
  • Learn about Excel’s Autofill feature
  • Explore the concepts of relative and absolute cell references
  • How to format tables
  • Applying filters to mine a dataset

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