Professional Efficient Meetings

Do you need help hosting your online meetings?

Are your meetings slowed down by any of the following technical issues:

Man writing while using laptop. Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

    • Attendee mics left on
    • Screen sharing/presentation management issues
    • Organizing breakout rooms
    • Chat/Q & A moderation
  • Maintaining speakers lists

Let’s talk about your needs

CompuStep Inc. can provide you with the expertise you need to help your meeting flow efficiently by handling all of these issues on your behalf.

CompuStep Inc. staff can welcome meeting attendees on the host’s behalf and introduce keynote speakers (bios etc. as necessary).

Meeting confidentiality is a cornerstone of this service. Staff have experience working with confidential/sensitive materials.

For an extra fee, basic meeting minutes can be provided (Attendees, Agenda, Action Items).

Relieve your stress by allowing you to concentrate on the meeting content while we handle the technical side.

Hourly or daily rates are available. Ask about a free trial.

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